The ancient beliefs of India, Ayurveda!

The medicine of «Ayurveda» has its roots more than five thousand years ago, taking into account this we can see as time has advanced this medicine still continues with its net strength, since it has been able to develop in the modern era with good influence , Indian medicine gives us as a principle or point of focus the development of the human being in 4 areas, such as corporal, spiritual, mental and in the soul, since these develop at different spiritual and physical levels we can say which is a medicine that transcendental and millenary, the ritual of Ayurveda becomes very diverse in order to channel all the energies in patients to help them overcome different diseases, it should be noted that Ayurveda medicine has been certified and accepted by the World Health Organization in 2002, therefore we must clarify that it has been accepted by modern medicine thanks to its great achievements over the years.

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